A strange part of Michele's mind took over the design of his website.

Finding himself unable to re-organize it in a much more clever, efficient and user-friendly way, Michele gave up on his website dream mid-way. 

In this newly- born website regime there are only two roads ahead: the boring road or the strange one. The boring road will take you to each and every page of this website, through a twisting pathway,  looking for specific information. I hope you can find what you are looking for. 

Yet, the  second road requires one click only.  It will not give you specifics, yet you will experience a "feeling" of what I can do artistically. 
As the stress of cataloguing and differentiating what was composed, improvised, played, performed, dreamed, rehearsed, produced, conceived or published was too much to handle, now, most of what I did can be found in one melting pot only: