With the contemporary music and improvising group ImprovvisoFantasia, led by composer and pianist Giuseppe Giuliano, Sergio Armaroli and Giancarlo Schiaffini with various repertoire from Stockhausen, Cage, Bussotti.

  • Milan: 24th of July 2013, Conservatorio G. Verdi, Rassegna del Chiostro.
  • Trieste: 31st of October 2014, Museo Rivoltella,for the festival “Trieste Prima 2014”.
  • Turin: 30th of November 2014, Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, for the festival“Rive Gauche”.
  • Rome: 8th August 2015, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, for the festival “Musica Svelata”.
  • Rome: 3rd fo March 2017, Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia, Sala Accademica.

Kletzmer and improvising:

  • 27th/1/16, Conservatorio of Milano, Sala Verdi, for the Shoah commemoration day, with stalks by Goti Bauer and Samì Modiano: traditional Yiddish musics (clarinet, accordion, double bass and percussions).
  • 2017Milano, the World Music Orchestra play in the three main Prisons of Milan (San Vittore, Opera, Bollate) with Yiddish, balcanic and world music.
  • 7th-10th/10/2017, Shoah Memorial of Milan, for the Yiddish Culture Day, with the partecipation of PiccoloTeatro: Improvisation of traditional kletzmer themes.

With the ensemble Clari.Net Quartet (from 2012 to 2016) with both classical music and Kletzmer music.


  • 16th of December 2012 for MilanoClassica.
  • 13th of June 2012 for the museum Poldi Pezzoli of Milan (kletzmer program).
  • 27th of January 2013 in the Conservatorio G. Verdi for the Shoah commemoration event.
  • 15th of June 2013 for the MiTo Fringe Music Festival.
  • June 2015 in the church of S. Maurizio Maggiore in Milan for EXPOinCITTA’
  • 3rd of January 2016 for Musicamorfosi, in Prato together with Giuseppe Falzone.
  • 6th of February 2016 for Musicamorfosi, in Desio (kletzmer program)

Awards (Clari.Net Quartet)

  • June 2014; third prize ex equo in the international chambre music competition: “Città di Padova”.
  • June 2014; second prize ex equo in the National chambre music competition: “Città Piove di Sacco”.


With ImprovvisoFantasia:

  • Sylvano Bussotti: Grandi Numeri (2016 Ars Publica); world première,
  • Rewiew of the Cd can be found on the web page of the magazine: “Il Giornale Della musica”.
  • Giuseppe Giuliano: Mmm Nyorai Mioshoku for solo clarinet (2017; ArsPublica)

With Quartet:

  • Three kletzmer pieces: Ani Ole Yerushalaim; The Dance of Fire; The Wedding Waltz
  • Michele Mazzini: Uirapuru; world première



Erasmus Placement

Music Academy of Stuttgart, Germany. April/June 2017

Project: on request (pdf).

Concert: Ensemble NeueMusik; 4th June 2017; Concert Hall of the Conservatorium. Music by: Yeon Choi; Marcus Caratelli; Elisabeth Paulus.

I collaborated with the composition and electronic music departments both as a performer and as a technical advisor, specifically with Marco Stroppa’s and Martin Shuttler’s pupils. I held a seminar on contemporary techniques and repertoire for clarinet solo (Grisey, Charme; Sciarrino, Let Me Die Before I Wake; Yuasa, Clarinet Solitude).

Erasmus Plus:

Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark. August/December 2015.

Concert: Annual concert of Copenhagen; Orchestra of the Conservatorium, December 2015, Music by Carl Nielsen.

I studied one semester at the Royal Danish Academy of Music of Copenhagen under the guide of Jørgen Misser Jensen.

International Masterclasses:

  • Accademia Chigiana in collaboration with SienaJazz (Siena,Italy), “Tabula Rasa” , 2st -27th of August 2017, seminar on improvisation held by Stefano Battaglia (Concert: Palazzo Chigi Serafini, 27th/8/17)
  • “Ticino Musica”, Lugano (Switzerland), 20th July-2nd of August 2014, with Philippe Cuper.
  • “I Solisti del Vento”, Lier (Belgium), 19th-25th August 2012, with Nele Delafonteyne.