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past concerts and press coverage

Vondel park, Amsterdam for Open lucht theater Festival

9th of June 2019.

Chiesa di San Lanfranco, Pavia (Italy)

7th July 2019.

Chiesa di Sant’Andrea, Bergamo Alta, 24 Ottobre 2020.

The concert was presented on the newspaper “Eco di Bergamo” on the cultural agenda of the same day, together with an interview. 

The endorsement that my previous composition teacher and now counsellor for culture for Milan, Filippo Del Corno, wrote for me on his facebook page. The post is still available on his timeline.

Translation of his caption: “One of the beautiful things of teaching is to meet young pupils gifted with pure talent, and to know that, even with all your limits, you manage to pass on to them something, and that they will eventually find a way to express what they have to say. Eight years ago, it happened to me with Michele Mazzini.”

Singelkerk, Amsterdam. 10th July 2021 (Financed by Fonds Podium Kunsten; Balkonscenes)