In between walls

Three solo pieces based on a constat circular breathing and various harmonics and humming techniques, all conceived from the same raw music material.
This was how I spent my first ten days of lockdown in Amsterdam
(that is: I replaced precious silence with too many sounds).


A Practise of Music Distances

Tons of musicians have thought about this before, a few actually did it. Conceived as a music game against the tensive boredome of the lockdown, this short and surely not exhaustive playlist worked with a very clear logic:
1) each track must not exceed three minutes.
2)Each musician is free to propose a duet or a trio to others, by sending them a first improvisation-based audio file  (the root).
3) The other guests are  then free to react to the root as they wish.
The tracks are then combined, creating music that stands in between a composed track (you have all the time you need to decide your material) and an improvised one (no scores, no prior communication among players, no stylistic restrictons).