Light Blue is a sequence of five pieces that I created in June 2018 as a site-specific project for a church outside Pavia (Italy) which had an astonishing bright reverb for clarinet. Even though there is not a clear religious element in them, nevertheless it can easily be described as an inner spiritual music journey.

 All the pieces (all for solo instruments) are improvisation-based and they have no score.

All the titles of the cycle refer to different actions or features of the human (or animal) voice. Canto means to sing or a “chant”, Grido means shout, Corale refers to a generic piece sang by a choir, Lamento refers to a sad moan -possibly for the dead- and Giubilo finally describes a simple act of joy.


Dark Convento: a strange journey

Together with Virgina Sutera on violin and viola, we recorded this album in a dark, small  and strange-looking church in Tuscany. The mellow yet bizarre atmosphere and acoustics led us through a very intricate improvised music path.
A result achieved after one year of constant duo practice.
You can purchase the album from Virginia's account on Bandcamp.


From Arabian Nights

The bulbul hezar lives trapped in a cage on top of a black scattered rocky mountain. Every man who tried to free it has perished, and every rock on the mountain is a restless soul of a former hero who died in the attempt. At every step the rocks will shout, speak and whisper at you, convincing you to desist and turn back, but every turning back means to be suddenly transformed in one of the countless black stones. Only a brave and smart woman, plugging her ears with cotton, manages to climb on top, and to finally free what seems a restless shouting bird. The creature then frees every trapped soul and, from that moment on, will advise her wisely. The bulbul hezar sings melodies so beautiful that it attracts every bird around, for a constant harmonious and peaceful concert. Personal rendition of a short fragment of the tale of the -Two sisters who envied their cadette-, from the Thousand and one nights collection.


Webern's nightmare

Webern, Shoenberg and Berg came to my bed in a feverish dream asking Adrian Moncada (prepared piano) and me to improvise on some specific dodecafonic sequences.